“The medium is the message.”

Our performances are meticulously designed from the micro to the macro level. Our team not only focuses on creating technical scripts and improvisation guidelines for each band's performances, but we also design stages, scenery, and dedicate ourselves to restoring projectors, mixers, and all necessary analogue equipment to bring these projects to life. Sector 7G possesses all the technical and creative means to execute the most ambitious immersive visual installations and also bring something original and unique to even the most limited productions. We stand out for our adaptability.

Live Performances

Live Performances

Single Bands

Working closely with a band allows us to co-develop a visual-musical language. Our goal is to create a fused synesthetic experience which captures the essence of live performances. Our visuals, in contrast with a rigid VJ set, mirror the dynamism and improvisation of the music itself: we design with adaptability and real-time responsivenes as a core value, so we can adapt to the mood of the moment, changes in the setlist, etc.


A stunning visual display can make a festival truly unforgetabble and ensure the audience will come back for more. We strive to deliver a unique, high quality show for each band. Most bands cannot afford to travel with their own Light Designers and VJs, but with us, that is not a problem. Before the festival, we will reach out to each band to find out what they want and ensure both the visuals and the lighting exceed their expectations.



The popularity of analogue aesthetics in music videos and films is on the rise due to the organic quality of practical and video effects. Just as analogue audio experienced a revival based on the distinctive sound it provides, analogue video also possesses a unique characteristic that cannot be replicated with computer plugins.

We specialize in creating music videos and cinematic productions that aim to authentically capture this analogue look. We achieve this by using analogue video equipment that has been carefully curated and restored by our team of engineers.

The technical prowess is complemented by creative ability and experience in film production: from drafting the initial concept, through recording and post-production, we cover the entire pipeline.


A visualizer is a lightweight alternative to a full-fledged videoclip which is less complex, more affordable, and takes the background, leaving the music in the foreground.

Visualizer work very well for full albums, or as pre-recorded visuals to use in concerts when live visuals are not an option. We like to record album and concert visualizers in a single take to provide a sense of unity and flow between songs.


Frequently asked questions

Where are you based - Can you travel to us?

Our studio is located in HER Studios in Berlin. We are ready to travel anywhere. We have been actively working within all Germany, Croatia, Spain and Argentina. The limit is space itself!

How much do your shows cost?

WE want to spread this art form far and wide and believe everyone deserves a light show. This means that our team is ready to accommodate all kinds of budgets. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and fill out our form and questionnaire to receive a customized quote tailored to your needs.

Do you also do raves, parties or events?

Yes! We handle all kinds of events, including installations for exhibitions, theater, and contemporary dance. Feel free to reach out to us for any type of idea you have in mind. We want to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Are your shows sustainable?

Sector 7G is devoted to the reimagining of technology that would otherwise be deemed obsolete. Our strategy: to restore analog technology and tailor it to the demands of the modern world. We have recycled plenty of old devices and gave them new artistic life.

Do you do workshops?

The preservation of analog visual techniques is one of the core objectives of our collective. These techniques have been passed down through generations for over 50 years, and it’s our duty to continue passing on what we’ve learned and discovered to the next generations. For this reason, Sector 7G is constantly seeking individuals interested in learning and maybe even becoming part of the collective.